We are witnesses, and then Libya and then Yemen

Rock N Rose, Ha! I remember that one. It was sold at Neiman also a while ago. I think its target audience were the Avril Lavigne fans and/or the teens to early 20 I think it had a counter life at Neimans for about a year.

But, having long term medical problems and an increased risk of side effects does not mean that your pain cannot, or should not, be treated effectively. You may be a candidate for any of the pain relieving therapies available. But talk to your GP or pharmacist before taking any over the counter medications.

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You don’t need to judge yourself or anyone, nor does whether you agree with something or not need to be your standard of reality. You are bigger than nearly all that you perceive. If you keep an open mind, and set orthodoxy aside, these next few years of your life will provide you with some beautiful and original opportunities to learn about yourself and the world.

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