Was reduced to trying to win the second half

I received a free sample of the Philips Sonicare 9300 DiamondCleam Smart (HX9903/11) to review. Having owned a few different Sonicare models over the past several years, I was excited to see how the 9300 DiamondCleam Smart would compare. Right out of the box you notice its slim black design which fits perfectly into your hand. A step by step instruction card is included to guide you for perfect application. Use the Double Ended Contour Brush to perfectly place and blend the shades. Choose either the light or deep contour depending on your desired level of sculpting and shading and apply at the sides of the nose to define, under the cheekbones to sculpt, and around the jaw line to shape. It’s blends so well. Got lots of compliments about how soft and “natural” my contouring and highlighting looked. I apply it with a concealer brush and blend with my clairsonic makeup brush and it blends to perfection.

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