Vanessa Traina (wears white lace dress) and Victoria Traina

So, these are the great things about stored procedures. But when they are used badly, you end up with the stored procedures reducing the agility of the application because they tie it in too closely to the database. What do you do when your app is tied to Sybase and your customers want MS SQL Server? What if all your logic is in that database? Do you rewrite all of it for MS SQL Server? Probably Not.

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Expert flavorists ensure that the combination used is all organic too. At present, the market witnesses an extensive array of original as well as synthetic flavors. The strategy is to prepare a clever mix of the original flavors to create new ones.

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Still, the current state of affairs is meaningful. The Democrats look like they have their eyes on the prize(s). The Republicans appear to lack focus, momentum and passion.

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