The annual event is the largest food drive in the territory and

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Hermes Kelly Replica SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My Profile”The food drive has become so massive that we need to rent an entirely different space to store the food,” said Tristan Newsome, executive director of the Whitehorse Food Bank.The annual event is the largest food drive in the territory and it helps stock the shelves of the food bank for at least two months, he said.Volunteers and students dropped off empty bags to houses all over Whitehorse at the end of September. Earlier this week, the full bags were collected.”I know we gave out probably 7,000 bags. And if even half of those came back full, there’s about 3,500 bags in that pile,” said Newsome.The food collected this year couldn’t possibly be stored at the food bank without shutting down operations, Newsome said. Hermes Kelly Replica

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