oaleom with the second section of this disease patient lust

In the name of God the Merciful With using

We continue to talk about the state of hearts and divisions talked about the first section proper heart and the second section and the patient’s heart is the first section in two patients of hypocrisy and we talked about yesterday.oaleom with the second section of this disease patient lust serious Jaddalaishvy owner but with reference to God Almighty lust disease is not limited to the lust of women, but is divided into many sections of us stealing and collecting money without considering replacement or haram consider, hearing, gossiping and other. As in the field of theft, the field of money and the man is the one who has been envisaged in the field of money stolen, Because he is responsible for and therefore came a man To the Commander of the Faithful ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him and said to him Aaomir faithful that my daughter this Kdotaat Maagill God has repented to God. The sincere repentance came from what I did Ikdobaa Oobrh? Said unto him, Commander of the Faithful Would you like to expose Mastrh God?
that the Messenger of Allah God bless him and says ((the thief Matab preceded his hand to heaven, if he does not repent preceded his hand to the fire)).

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