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To review: those deniers who claimed the vote against Lew and his co defendants was all about politics are now faced with the reality that pro BDS and anti Zionist students cheated to get their way. Meanwhile, the student group that led the campaign against the three students confessed to anti Semitism, laying waste to the claim that the vote had nothing to do with their Jewishness. Kudos to the judicial board for confirming what many of us have believed all along: Noah Lew, Alexander Scheffel and Josephine Wright O’Manique have been severely wronged. In 2016, the award went to Jasen Sagman for his treatise on Jews expelled from Arab countries. Who will take home this year’s prize along with $1,800? The Feb. 8 deadline for submissions is fast approaching, so if you or someone you know is thinking about entering an original work on a Jewish theme, better get cracking.

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