Misleading or deceiving the court can be classified as

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cheap canada goose The veteran jurist called his behaviour a “wilful disregard of known facts and law which constitutes serious misconduct and a serious dereliction of duty”.Kotsifas was referred for investigation to the Legal Services Board and Commissioner, which are responsible for regulating the legal profession.But this is an administrative, not a criminal, system. Misleading or deceiving the court can be classified as “professional misconduct”, rather than an act of perjury; taking money from a trust account is “causing a deficiency” or “making a withdrawal without reasonable excuse”, instead of theft or fraud.Kotsifas was charged with three counts of professional misconduct and he pleaded guilty. He was ordered by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to undertake “professional development” and mentoring.When sentencing him in December 2014, VCAT senior member Jonathan Smithers said he had the power to suspend or cancel Kotsifas’ licence, but baulked at the “devastating effect” that could have on his practice and finances.Nevertheless, by that time, Kotsifas was already facing prosecution in a second matter, and was under investigation for a third series of complaints about his conduct.In July 2015, Kotsifas pleaded guilty to seven charges of unsatisfactory conduct and professional misconduct in asecond VCAT prosecution, after he was caught mismanagingclient money and failing to keep proper financial records. cheap canada goose

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