“It just needs an opportunity to branch out again

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe ski runs are growing in, and it’s nearly impossible to make out where the chairlift still stands at the abandoned Big Thunder ski jump and Nordic training centre in Thunder Bay, Ont.The hill, which ‘Welcomed the World’ for the 1995 Nordic World Championships, has sat vacant since being shuttered by the provincial government in 1996.CBC Thunder Bay will explore this week the past, present and future of the Big Thunder Nordic facilty.”It just needs an opportunity to branch out again, because the opportunities out there are endless that can happen out there,” said Paul DeGiacomo, a co chair with the Friends of Big Thunder.The group was formed decades ago, and, since the facility’s closure in 1996, has quietly been working towards finding an operator to open up the facility once again.Paul DeGiacomo is the co chair of the Friends of Big Thunder. The group wants to find an operator who can take over the abandoned ski facility. (Jeff Walters/CBC)”It was known as a Nordic site.

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