If two or more threads request a logger with the same name

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KnockOff Handbags Penedo
R $ 100 – Rio de Janeiro

Come enjoy the beauties of Penedo with BFF TURISMO, besides the local gastronomy Penedo is known for being the Brazilian Finland, great place for couples in love, for children who are delighted with the city and the singles as well. An excellent place for everyone to know 😍❤️

📍City spots in Fake Designer Bags Penedo:
Chocolate Factory,
Finnish Museum,
Little Finland,
Valley of the elves and much more 📆 Day 16/12 – Saturday (Night)

👍🏻Curta our page:

💰Valores R $ 100,00 by
💵Book your vacancy today even with only R $ 50 reais and the rest until the moment of the
* Children up to 5 years in the lap no
💳Link for payment of PagSeguro R $ 110 by
– (Air conditioning)
– Snack kit on the bus (One way). – On-board service
– Accredited guide
– Photographer covering the
❌Non included:
– Lunch <
– Tickets to museums (and nothing not mentioned above)

– Novo Rio
Bus Station – Governor’s Island (Casa show) – Shopping Jardim Guadalupe > – Campo Grande Bus Station – Extra Santa Cruz – Shopping Mall
☎ Information:
(21) 99574-8841 / 99712-
Note: In case of delays or non-attendance, it will not be possible to return your money since there will be no replacement time for
⭕ The event must have a minimum quantity for the achievement, if I do not have will be
Event Link:
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