And use the same method to wash it clean

Imam al-Shafi’i said:

Introduce the ignorant fool ** All that he said is in it

The Euphrates River will not hurt a day ** If some dogs fought in it

Also said: > If every dog ​​has a bow, I will put it in stone. * The rock will become a bitterness of dinar.

And the masterpieces of his summary say: “The foolish speaks to me with all ugliness.

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Hermes Belt Replica The prayer of the Carthaginian prayer is said to the Moroccans (the Fire Prayer)

because if they want to collect the required or pay the bribe, they will meet in one council. This prayer is read by this number 4444. When the secrets of the secrets of the treasure surrounding the ambiguity of slaves and prayer is

(Oh God, pray full peace and peace on our master Muhammad, which dissolves by the contract and release by the distress and spend by the needs and achieve the good and the good rings and clouds the face and generous family and companions And in every glance and the same number of each known

Imam al-Qurtubi from the day on this prayer

Every day 41 m 100 or more

Faraj Allah Hama and Mghh and revealed his heart and his heart and pleased the light and secret on the ability of the
and good condition and extended his livelihood and opened the doors of good deeds and good deeds by the increase

And carried out his speech in the headers And safe from the accidents of the age and the evil of the calamities of hunger and poverty

And gave him love in the hearts and does not ask of God need not give it do not get this

Benefits only
and that this prayer treasure of the treasures of God and mentioned key safes God opens to him to pray on it from the worshipers of God and deliver it to the Maashah
and from the day on this fire prayer every day 21 times it would bring down the livelihood of the

Heaven and the prophecy of the
and from the villages of this prayer Prayer 11 times

f He takes it and does not interrupt it, it gets the high rank and the state
and those who follow it after the morning prayer every day 41 times get its goal
and the day on it every day 100 times get required and aware of its purpose over what it is and to read every day the number Senders 313 times

To reveal the secrets, he sees everything and the day of every day 1000 times he has money described by the descriptors of what is not the eye

Rat and ear heard, Al-Qurtubi who wanted to collect a great thing or to pay the scourge of the resident

Qlikra this prayer prayer and to plead it to the Prophet, the great creation 4444

Time, God Almighty reconcile his intended and desired His intention, as well as mentioned by Ibn Hajar

Asaklani in the characteristics of this number, it is Acsir in
One of those who know that the continuation of this prayer mentioned

Take science and secrets from the Prophet peace be upon Replica Hermes Handbags him to be in his upbringing View Profile: المحمدية. Hermes Belt Replica

Hermes Replica Belts Use the specialized silk abluent, and pour some water and a bit of abluent into a bottle with cap. To put the silk into the jar, screw the cap tightly, hold the bottom and the cap of the bottle tightly, and then shake it up and down. And use the same method to wash it clean.. Hermes Replica Belts

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Replica Hermes Bags The war itself took about six weeks. On May 2, the British nuclear submarine Conqueror sank the Argentine cruiser General Belgrano, which had survived Pearl Harbor as the USS Phoenix. The Argentine navy was not seen again, but the air and land fighting to come would be fierce, and the outcome of the war uncertain until the June 15 surrender Replica Hermes Bags.

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