And if our life is narrowed, who is it for us, who are you?

And if our livelihood is narrowed, it is not for us that is not our teacher. And if our life is narrowed, who is it for us, who are you? Who are you, the living who does not die, O Lord of existence, O I find all that exists, O one, O idol? Oh God, who taught us, and our mercy and mercy and our Starr and Akkrtna and blessed us Naak phenomenon and solitude and confidence of the pleasure of Manajatk beautiful and your benefits and Badei Arzaktk and the work of your feelings and your great supply and the blessings of your joys and brilliant victories and forget your words and your Wad and light Pray, peace and blessings and peace be upon those who know that adherence to mercy is better than clinging to the severity of mercy from the womb and I know of science and happier than Saad and get out of Wasel and Ahan of nostalgia and thinner than thinning and more beautiful than beautify and cleanse who purifies and think Who think and worship from whom you worship and remember those who remember and smarter than those who are closer and closer to those who are closer and better than those who pray and believe, who spoke, and who came from a covenant and a victory from a thousand? And saved from a neighbor, and Ashraf walked and told of better than he and not the first and I love the prophet of the owner of the owner of the Prophet IntercessionThe Prophet’s farewell to the prophet, the prophet of the Prophet, the Prophet, the Companions of the Companions and his pure house, accompanied by the good guys, who loved him, followed him, praised him, prayed and saluted him and his companions, who Replica Bags followed the night and the day, I love you, the righteous and the righteous, O great, O generous, O friendly, O Hanan, O Manan, O Ghafar, O Star. The prayer of Abd al-Qattah and his prophet and his path and called his Lord that I am defeated Vntzr I am defeated Vntzr I am defeated Vantzr God.

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The Thief said that the man to revive himself and his children with the money of others, : Hey!
Vmthlk like bird in the cage, if he went out to the air came out of the hand, and I am afraid to leave you do not pay me anything!..

Judge said: I swear to you that I do it..

The thief said: Malik told me about Nafi from Ibn Omar may Allah be pleased with them that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said:
«The right of the imposter does not bind»

The Almighty said: (Only those who hate and his heart reassured by faith) [Bees: 106]
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Designer Replica Bags Possible a minute of your time Read this supplication
Doaa turns your life into. Password FAQ Members List Calendar Mark Forums Read * * * ولا بركة في العمر * * * br> * And health in the flesh *
* The capacity of the living * * * Repentance before death *
* The testimony at death *
* And forgiveness after death * * And the safety of the torment *
* And a piece of paradise *
* We have a look at your face Karim *
* God mercy the dead and the death of Muslims and the healing of our patients and patients Muslims * * God forgive Muslims, Muslims, believers and believers The life of them and the dead *
* God bless us good conclusion *
* God grant us death and we prostrate to you O mercy of the mercy *
* God established us when the question of the kings * * * God make us a kindergarten kindergarten of Paradise Make it a hole of the pit of fire *
* Oh God, we seek refuge from you from the temptation of the world *
* Oh God, we seek refuge from you from the temptation of the world * Our word and victory on your enemies enemies of religion *
* Oh God separated them and make the circle on them *
* God support our Muslim brothers everywhere * * * God mercy our children and our mothers and forgive them * * And overcome their evil and enter them in a spacious Jnatek * User Name Remember Me? To our master Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). If you send this du’aa ‘to all the people who are with you, whoever reads this du’aa’, there is a king who says,. Designer Replica Bags

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