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He was a close collaborator with artists such as Andy Warhol

Description : This bracing collection marks the first appearance in English of the Polish poet Janusz Szuber, hailed as the greatest discovery in Polish poetry of the late twentieth century when, in his late forties, he began publishing the work he’d been producing for almost thirty years. “Grammar is my / Adopted country,” Szuber explains in one poem, yearning at the same time toward the physical, the breathing world: “I’d prefer something less ambiguous: / The bony parachutes of leaves, / The flame of goosefoot, from a frosty page / A star bent over me.” Throughout, there is an intense quiet and modesty to Szuber’s verse, whether he is observing the heron in flight, the froth of blossoming apple trees, or the human images in an old photo album. “Who will carve her fragile profile / in ivory.

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Designer Fake Bags God. Uh. Hid behind furniture in his family’s church in Atlanta whenever pastors prophesied. In 1962, he co founded Film Makers’ Cooperative and the Filmmakers’ Cinematheque in 1964, which eventually grew into Anthology Film Archives, one of the world’s largest and most important repositories of avant garde film. He was part of the New American Cinema, with, in particular, fellow film maker Lionel Rogosin. He was a close collaborator with artists such as Andy Warhol, Nico, Allen Ginsberg, Yoko Ono, John Lennon, Salvador Dal, and fellow Lithuanian George Maciunas.In 1964, Mekas was arrested on obscenity charges for showing Flaming Creatures (1963) and Jean Genet’s Un Chant d’Amour (1950). Designer Fake Bags

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If two or more threads request a logger with the same name

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Beyond its dramatic port, Kiels university town has a vibrant,

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We said we had to have regulatory reform

Scott Pruitt And Republicans’ Collective Shrug On Ethics

Republican Sen. Mike Rounds of South Dakota went on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday and defended canada goose uk black friday embattled EPA administrator Scott Pruitt.

canada goose clearance “We’ll nitpick little canada goose clearance sale things,” Rounds said. uk canada goose outlet “He has too many people on his security detail. It may add up to more than what the previous guy did.. We said we had to have regulatory reform. We’ve got it. Scott Pruitt is a big part of that. He’s executing what the president wants him to execute.”

Canada Goose online On a canadian goose jacket host of issues, Republicans seem to be struggling with how to respond in the age of Trump whether it’s about Pruitt and ethics or the president and uk canada goose questions about his personal behavior. (Think about evangelicals’ response to allegations of President Trump’s marital infidelity or previous allegations of sexual assault and misconduct).

But ethics officials in government are starting to speak out and raise red flags. The Office of Government Ethics on Monday issued a strongly worded letter (full letter at the bottom of this post) that lays out its case for why ethics matter.

“Agency heads in particular bear a heightened responsibility,” he notes. That’s because, according to the Code of Federal Regulations, agency heads are literally “required to ‘exercise personal leadership in. establishing and maintaining an effective agency canada goose uk shop ethics program and fostering an ethical culture in the agency.’ ”

canada goose clearance sale Not only that, but the Canada Goose online statute lays out the expectation that agency heads also “enforce” ethics rules in their agencies and consider them in “evaluating the performance of senior executives.”

canadian goose jacket Reports about Pruitt’s potential ethical issues are wide ranging. They include requesting a large security detail (even when on personal travel to Disneyland); flying first class on the taxpayers’ dime (while flying coach when he was flying on his own); entering a canada goose factory sale $50 a night deal to rent a room in a condo owned by the wife of a lobbyist; providing pay raises to aides close to him after the Canada Goose Online White House apparently canada goose coats on sale rejected canada goose uk outlet the hikes; using an EPA staffer to help him Canada Goose Coats On Sale search for housing on weekends; and removing the head of his security detail who objected to using sirens to get Pruitt through traffic in a nonemergency situation.

buy canada goose jacket The actions “do raise concerns about whether the Administrator is using public office for personal gain in violation of ethics rules” and “raise concerns about whether the Administrator misused his position,” Apol writes.

If it’s true that Pruitt retaliated against staff for doing their jobs, then, Apol says, “it is hard to imagine any action that could more effectively undermine an agency’s integrity than punishing or marginalizing employees who strive to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations that safeguard that integrity.”

Environment And Energy Collaborative

canada goose coats on sale Trump Touts Pruitt’s ‘Great canada goose Job,’ But EPA Rollbacks Have A Long Road Ahead

buy canada goose jacket cheap And yet, Republicans like Rounds dismiss the ethics complaints as “nitpicking.” And even as the White House says it is reviewing the allegations, Trump has already sought canada goose vest to minimize them.

Canada Goose Jackets In a weekend tweet, Trump echoed Pruitt’s claims that the extra security spending was the result of canada goose store “death threats because of his bold actions at EPA,” declared the travel expenses “OK,” called the questionable rental arrangement “about market rate,” and said, “Scott is doing a great job!”

canada goose black friday sale While Security spending was somewhat more than his predecessor, Scott Pruitt has received Canada Goose sale death threats because of his bold actions at EPA. Record clean Air Water while saving USA Billions of Dollars. Rent was about market rate, travel expenses OK. Scott is doing a great job!

Canada Goose sale Donald J.

canada goose store One of the rules of politics is that people rarely act when their jobs aren’t at stake. canada goose coats But Canada Goose Jackets Republicans have been punished for ethical lapses in the past.

canada goose After the 2006 election, for example, the last time the GOP had control canada goose clearance of both chambers of Congress, Republicans lost the House and Senate. The spiraling Iraq civil war was the principal reason, but ethics scandals played a not insignificant role, too.

cheap Canada Goose As The Washington Post noted the day after Election Day 2006:

“Exit canada goose black friday sale polling indicated that this theme resonated strongly with voters, who buy canada goose jacket cheap told a consortium of news media interviewers that they disapproved of the way Congress is handling its job (61 percent) and described ‘corruption and scandals in government’ as either very or extremely important factors in their vote (74 percent).

canada goose coats “Only the state of the national economy was mentioned more frequently (82 percent) as a very or extremely important issue in exit polling, based on Canada Goose Parka 13,208 interviews. The issues that Republican Party leaders highlighted in their pre election campaigning terrorism, immigration, abortion and same sex marriage were mentioned less often in the surveys.”

When John Boehner became speaker in 2010, after Republicans wrested control of the House once again, he cheap canada goose uk did not have a short memory. He was known for his swift action cheap Canada Goose against members of his buy canada goose jacket own party for a variety of ethics scandals.

canada goose deals He set the tone.

In contrast, Trump gave his backing to Pruitt and congressional Republicans don’t appear to be withdrawing their support for the EPA Canada Goose Outlet chief.

As Apol argues, “The success of our government depends on maintaining the trust of the people we serve.”

Canada Goose Outlet Democrats and Republicans have struggled with ethics. As NPR’s Ron Elving notes, policy victories as can often be the case in Washington are trumping ethics. But how party leadership responds can often set an example or inflame outrage.

What he did with his life is astounding

This might be a good time to review the AAA config, and ensure that it is working for your environment. If you have a TACACS+/RADIUS server in operation, I would suggest that you keep the existing configs, but just make sure that you add local authentication for when the connectivity to the server fail. If you have no need for TACACS+ or RADIUS, perhaps a default username and password would be sufficient.

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Hermes Birkin Replica George Washington was the first child of Augustine Washington and his second wife Mary Ball Washington, born on their Pope’s Creek Estate near Colonial Beach in Westmoreland County, Virginia. He was born on February 11, 1731, according to the Julian calendar and Annunciation Style of enumerating years then in use in the British Empire. The Gregorian calendar was adopted within the British Empire in 1752, and it renders a birth date of February 22, 1732.[10][c] Hermes Birkin Replica.

Figuring the single color abstractions he was doing at the

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Many ticket systems do not have the option of parent child

I am a little worried about getting injured by doing all my runs so much faster so soon. I am getting some nagging soreness in the top of my foot as well as my shin, but I think that just means it time for new shoes. It just a bit earlier than usual when I start to feel these pains..

Canada Goose Parka This also keeps it consistent so canada goose outlet kokemuksia they can go back and view canada goose clothing uk their previous tickets if they wish.There are a few bits canada goose outlet houston of automation in there as well like we have it canada goose outlet store calgary emailing all tickets from certain sites to the building level canada goose outlet uk sale technology coaches so they can keep an eye on their teachers needs.It has a mobile app, and it works well, but I end up just hitting the web interface on my phone most times. canada goose outlet toronto It cheap also, goose outlet canada so that put it higher on our list than it maybe should have.Not affiliated with them in any way, just a satisfied customer. Glad to answer any questions you may have on it.Many ticket systems do not have the option of parent child tickets which work great for multi department requests for example someone submits a ticket to have a new hire on boarded, the first ticket is the parent and owns all child tickets, child tickets are created under the parent and assigned to corresponding departments, payroll to canada goose outlet toronto address get the new user set up, IT to create accounts, HR to complete documentation, manager to assign office space and schedule. Canada Goose Parka

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buy canada goose jacket LONDON, June 9 (Reuters) The euro rose against the dollar and the yen on Monday, canada goose outlet in montreal as speculators cut large bets against the single currency, confident the ECB will not be easing policy again soon. Jobs data on Friday. The reassuring data bolstered risk appetite and underpinned higher yielding currencies like the Australian and New Zealand dollars.. buy canada goose jacket

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I am a safe candidate and I am fighting the status quo

Ethan Sonneborn can’t drive but he can run for governor

He will be campaigning to become Vermont’s youngest governor. Family members weren’t surprised when he decided Canada Goose Coats On Sale to run, because he was always canada goose black friday sale passionate about politics. Ethan says they are still adjusting but remain supportive canada goose outlet online uk of canada goose outlet shop him.

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The Democratic primary in Vermont will be held August 14. If Ethan wins, he will face the current canada goose jacket outlet governor, Republican Phil Scott, on November 6.

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Q: When did you become passionate about politics?

A: I was around 5, and we have this townwide yard sale. I got an encyclopedia of American history, and one thing I canada goose clearance was fascinated by was the concept of coalition canada goose uk canada goose outlet outlet reviews building, which a lot of canada goose outlet uk people in that book used. People like Robert F. Kennedy and Martin canada goose outlet sale Luther King [Jr.]. So I uk canada goose was really impressed with the idea that you can bring people from all walks of life together to achieve one common goal.

Q: How are you balancing official canada goose outlet school and canada goose coats on sale running a campaign?

A: I do an okay job keeping up. But it is about finding a balance, and in the beginning I struggled to find it. But now I think I am canada goose outlet parka in a good place where I am accomplishing everything I need to on both fronts.

Q: How Canada Goose Parka do canada goose store you plan on convincing canada goose outlet black friday adults to vote for you?

A: cheap canada goose uk There is a common thread about canada goose outlet toronto factory people of all ages, and that is that they want change. I am a safe candidate and I am fighting the status quo, and that canada goose coats is something that appeals to a lot of people regardless of my age or theirs. president do you look up to the canada goose outlet most?

A: I can’t choose just one! Abraham Lincoln.. Franklin D. Roosevelt, and I’m going to have to go with Barack Obama.

Q: What do you want to tell kids who can’t run for office in their state?

A: What I would like to see is more young people canada goose outlet nyc getting involved in politics. Even if they Canada Goose sale can’t vote or run, that’s canada goose outlet canada okay, they can still be involved in politics. They can find issues or candidates they are passionate about and help make real change. Go volunteer for a candidate, even if it’s just for your town’s board. Go help knock buy canada goose jacket on doors.

Q: Do you encourage people your age to get into politics if they find a way as you did?

A: Yes. Absolutely, do it. Because young people have been told to canada goose uk Black Friday Canada Goose black friday be seen canada goose and not heard, and it got us to a point where we have a climate change crisis, a job crisis, a canada goose outlet uk sale health care crisis, Canada Goose Outlet a canada goose outlet store gun violence crisis and an education crisis. We face real problems, and I think if we let young people take the lead on these issues, we will be much better off.

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